Monday, June 4, 2012

1970 Topps #358 Pedro Borbon

Gotta wonder if Topps would put out the same Rookie Card for Pedro Borbon today.

The front of this card is perfectly fine. 

 1970 Topps #358 Pedro Borbon (Image Swiped from Baseball Card Database

Not sure the B-Side cartoon gets produced in 2012.   

1970 Topps #358 Pedro Borbon (b-side)

Borbon was a memorable player from my youth who won a couple of World Series Rings as a member of the Big Red Machine.  Farewell Pedro Borbon.


Jim from Downingtown said...

I saw this news on yahoo a few hours ago. I thought I had Borbon's 1969 card, but when you said this was his rookie card, I went back and checked what I was picturing in my head. It was this card.

Cliff said...

This is a gem, both front and back. I've Pedro and some other guys with similarly crazy looks right here:

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a thousand words
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