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Phun Cards - 2004 Topps #333 Kevin Millwood

Ok I am a bit behind on this one, several weeks ago Kevin Millwood pitched the first 6 innings of a combined No-Hitter for the Seattle Mariners. 

2004 Topps #333 2003 Season Highlights Kevin Millwood No-Hitter

The amazing thing to me is that Millwood authored a No-Hitter in 2003 and here we are almost a decade later and Milwood is the starting pitcher in a second no-no.

2004 Topps #333 2003 Season Highlights Kevin Millwood No-Hitter (B-side)

Both No-Hitters were won by a score of 1-0.  I wonder how many pitchers have started multiple no-hitters won by that narrow margin. 

I definitely do not put the combined No-Hitter up there with the complete gamer, regardless it is quite an accamplishment for Millwood to be involved in 2 of them and win by the narrowest of margins. 

In early May Kevin Millwood was the starting pitcher for the Mariners in a game that Team Phungo attended in Seattle.  He was up against Justin Verlander - who is a No-no waiting to happen every outing.  Millwood got off to a rough start that night and I thought to myself we may be witnessing the end of a career.  As it turns out Millwood is having a fair year  - good enough to keep him in the majors with the no-hitter an additional nice moment as well.

For the Collector
I either picked this card up out of a dime box or via a trade package.  Most Highlight cards of non-superstars that were issued after 1974 can be picked up for a dime or less.  I particularly like No-Hitter cards and have quite a few in the Phungo collection.

Kevin Millwood No-Hitter Postings
2013 Gypsy Queen No-Hitter #NH-KM (2018 HOF Candidacy)

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Jim said...

I was lucky enough to have attended his first no-hitter with my Dad. What a terrific memory!

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