Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Phun Cards Ray Liotta - Henry Hill (1943-2012)

2004 Bowman Chrome First Year #BDP69 Ray Liotta 

Today we got the news that Henry Hill, the subject of the Martin Scorsese gangster film "GoodFellas", died at the age of 69.

I have always loved "GoodFellas" and rank it among the greatest films I have ever seen.  In the film Hill was played by actor Ray Liotta.  Liotta also famously played a right-handed batting Joe Jackson in "Field of Dreams".

Then in 2004 the White Sox drafted a pitcher named Ray Liotta.  Between my love of the film and the fact that Liotta (the actor) played an baseball icon on film, a Liotta (the player) card became a necessity for the team Phungo Collection.

Unfortunately for the Pitching Ray Liotta, his career hasn't quite worked out - as far as I can tell via he has been out of affiliated baseball since 2009.

For the Collector

This card was found in a dime box, and I am sure it isn't worth that much, unless you are one of the Ray Liotta's

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