Thursday, June 7, 2012

How Awesome Is this Card?!?!?!!!

A DayF original!

 DayF Original Brad Lidge 1/1

DayF of Cardboard Junkie sent this over about a month ago and I really love it.  It has a bunch of qualities that I like

-It captures a favorite player at likely the biggest moment of his career
-DayF painting is terrific - It is bright and vibrant and captures Brad Lidge beautifully.      
-The 2008 World Series Clincher is one of the games that I was fortunate enough to attend. 
-DayF fashioned the painting onto one of those blanks used to combat pack searching - I love recycling of items in such an appropriate fashion.

I am not an artist or painter, but I am thinking that these cards are good for absorbing the paint, this may be good for creating nice works as the one above.

Thanks DayF.  This card is going right onto my card mantle with other cards related to the 08 Series similar to the ones below.

The Phillies are going through a rough patch right now. The DayF original reminds me of happier times and the Baseball Fan in me needs that right now.


The Lost Collector said...

Truly awesome!

P-town Tom said...

Dayf's cards are right up there with vintage in my eyes: only so much around and you can never get enough.

Dhoff said...

One of Dayf's best, though still not quite a Coot Veal sketch.

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