Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chris Stufflestreet

I really didn't really know Chris well at all - I met him briefly at the 2012 National, traded cards with him once and swapped a couple of emails.  That was it, but I felt like I knew him much better.  

I read his columns avidly. Chris had a gift for writing - I suspect his honesty and humor made you feel like you knew him.

Chis' passing has been covered quite eloquently by Greg at Night Owl Cards, Mike Smeth at Cardboard Connection, Bob D Angelo at TBO.com and Dayf of Cardboard Junkie.

My impressions from our brief meeting echo the passages by those folks.  In a space of 15 minutes Chris' enthusiasm jumped off the page to real life.  Our conversation covered the vastness and variety of the show, vintage cards and historical connections, camraderie with seeing and meeting other collectors. as well as his personal highlights from that show - tracking down some Japanese cards and older Steelers cards.  It was fun reading his postings relating to the show, and indeed his final post was NSCC related, Collector Related, Condition Related and Trade Related. 

Chris Stufflestreet, I thank you for documenting vintage and oddball sets.  I thank your for your views on open trading and spotty condition, I thank you for being a link to a different card era.  And I thank you for running interesting and funny columns that would often bring a smile into my world.  

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night owl said...

A few other Chris tributes can be found at the Topps Archives, Cardboard Catastrophes and Five-Tool Collector blogs (I'd link, but I'm at work)

gcrl said...

he helped me appreciate the 73 topps set for what it is, and for that i am grateful. i am sure he will be missed by many outside of the blogosphere as well.

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