Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Farewell: 2009 Phungo #37 Chad Durbin

On Monday we go the news that Chad Durbin retired. Durbin may have only been a middle reliever for the Phillies, but he performed that job for the 2008 World Champions. That season was among Chad’s best,  He had a 2.87 ERA (152 ERA+) in 87+ innings for the Champs. He was a member of three of the Phillies recent postseason teams (2008-2010) prior to moving on to Cleveland and Atlanta then returning to the Phillies for one last stretch this past season.

2009 Phungo #37 Chad Durbin

This will always be one of my favorite Phungo Cards and I have featured it a number of times. Partially because I like the card, and partially because there really aren't many Chad Durbin cards.

The photo was taken looking down into the Phillies Bullpen following the clinching W in the 2008 World Series. I met Chad Durbin at a card show in 2011 and told him about the picture, he mentioned that he remembered being in the bullpen celebrating. He said it was like being in a movie with all the bright lights shining down and people cheering.

By an account I have ever read Durbin is a really decent guy and seems to understand how lucky he has been. He also seems to be prepared for life after baseball. I read via twitter yesterday that he is working with a bat company and if I remember correctly even during his playing days he had an online project that helped connect prospects with scouts. I hope Durbin finds a post playing career with the Phillies or another organization. He's a good guy for the game to have around.

2008 World Series Champs

With the Durbin retirement announcement it felt like a good time to Where are they Now the 08 Champs:

Carlos Ruiz - With Phillies, Just signed to stay on through 2015.
Ryan Howard – With Phillies contracted forever for lots o $$
Chase Utley – Resigned with Phillies during 2013 through 2016ish
Pedro Feliz - Out of MLB appears to have last played with Camden Riversharks in 2012.
Jimmy Rollins - contracted with Phillies thru 2014 and possibly 2015
Pat Burrell – Retired after winning another World Series with the 2010 San Francisco Giants. Currently scouting with the Giants.
Shane Victorino – RF for the reigning World Series Champion Boston Red Sox. Selling his beard for charity.
Jayson Werth – playing RF for megabucks with division rival Washington Nationals

Cole Hamels – Phillies current Ace.
Jamie Moyer – Retired in 2012 at age of 49.
Brett Myers – pitched as reliever for Indians in 2013, Released on 8/29 and is currently a Free Agent.
Joe Blanton – was 2-14 for the 2013 Angels.
Kyle Kendrick – was in Phillies organization in 2013, but may be a free agent this winter.

Chris Coste – Retired, last played MLB in 2009. Has done pre-/post- on Phils Broadcasts.
Eric Bruntlett – Retired last MLB appearance 2009
Greg Dobbs – with the Marlins in 2013.
Geoff Jenkins – Game 5 of the 2008 World Series was Jenkins last MLB game ever.
Matt Stairs – Retired, last played MLB with 2011 Nats.
So Taguchi – Returned to play in Japan, retired in 2012.

JC Romero – Pitched in Indians and Nationals Minor League system in 2013
Scott Eyre – Retired after 2009 Season with the Phillies
Brad Lidge – Retired as a Philie in 2013. Last pitched in 2012 with Nationals
Ryan Madson – Has not pitched in the Majors since left Philadelphia as FA in 2011. He is currently a FA was last seen in the Angels org.
Clay Condrey - Last pitched in the Twins organization in 2010.
Chad Durbin – See Above


2013 11 27 - added Jimmy Rollins and Clay Condrey 


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