Monday, September 29, 2014

60th Anniversary of the Catch: 1959 Topps #464 Willie Mays

Today marks the 60th Anniversary of one of the most iconic moments in Baseball History. Willie Mays' play which is now simply known as "The Catch"

1959 Topps #464 Baseball Highlights Willie Mays

The Catch helped the Giants maintain an 8th inning tie in Game one of the 1954 World Series. The Giants won the game in the 10th on a Walk off Home Run by Dusty Rhodes. 

Five years later Topps honored the moment as part of their 1959 Baseball Thrills Subset. The story of the catch is recounted on the cards b-side. 
1959 Topps #464 Baseball Highlights Willie Mays (b-side)

Original Artwork
The Original Artwork for this card was posted on Twitter by Baseball by BSmile.

For more information on this card as well as the other four Willie Mays cards in 1959 Topps check out our 2011 Willie Mays Quartet posting here.   
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1959 Topps Willie Mays Quartet 
Baseball by BSmile (Twitter)

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Thanks to many outlets on Twitter that reminded me of today's Anniversary.   

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