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SNB & 2014 Playoff Contenders: Cardinals Matt Holliday 2011 Topps #US324

Sunday Night Baseball is in St Louis monitoring the Cardinals as the host their Division foe Cincinnati Reds. 

The Cardinals are the reigning NL Champions and once again find themselves atop the NL Central. As our Playoff Contenders series rolls on tonight we take a look at veteran Matt Holliday.

2011 Topps #US324 Matt Holliday HRD

There are some players I dislike for good reason, off the field problems, Hot Dogs, the play for the Mets etc. Then there are players I have disliked for a decade and can't remember why. Matt Holliday falls into the latter category.

I can't for the life of me figure out why I dislike him. Maybe it is East Coast bias, Maybe I think of him as an overrated Rockies player, Maybe he got a game winning hit vs the Phillies that I never shoook, Maybe somebody I thought knew nothing about baseball mentioned him favorably - probably a combination of the above.

Regardless the 34 year old outfielder has carved out a nice career. If he stays in baseball for a couple more season he will likely enter the 300 HR and 2000 Hit clubs. The six time All-Star has won a World Series (2011 Cardinals) and participated in 2 other Series. He has 59 postseason games under his belt with a healthy 12 playoff Homers.

Matt Holliday is not a Hall of  Famer, but if he is fortunate enough to play until he is in his 40s, he could become one.  

2011 Topps Home Run Derby
The last couple of years Topps as put the All-Star related cards in Update or TS3 as I sometimes refer to the set. Baseball cards are forgotten by most collectors by the time S3 arrives, they have either had enough or moved on to football or other interests. I have an affection for the last set of the annual flagship. It typically contains an eclectic mix of rookies/long awaited prospects, cup o coffee players, and veterans in odd unis - that is all good fun for me. I never build the set, but do enjoy the few odd packs I pick up.

Each of the eight participants in the 2011 Home Run Derby hosted by the Arizona Diamondbacks is represented by a TS3 card. Robinson Cano (Card #US299) won the competition over Adrian Gonzalez (#US 126). Matt Holliday had 5 Homers in round one but was eliminated via tie-breaker to Prince Fielder and David Ortiz.  

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