Monday, November 16, 2015

2015 Topps Update MegaBox Break

I let myself get suckered into picking up one of those 5+2 megaboxes of Updated/Chrome Update. Between the 7 packs I came up empty for Phillies - and really no former Phillies either :(

There are some minor highlights - pix below

Dallas Keuchel

Starting out with a couple of the Update cards. Keuchel is  the man who became the ace of the Astros. I am much happier with the shot selection for the 2015 All-Star cards. A year ago I think Topps was restricted to Practice Day photos, and there didn't appear to be enough selection.

Yoenis Cespedes

Before we spent the entire postseason hearing about Daniel Murphy, we spent the duration of the stretch run hearing about Yoenis Cespedes. The Cuban outfielder is a Free Agent and this may be one of the few cards issued of Cespedes as a Met.

Stephen Vogt

Another All-Star card, this is an interesting shot of A's catcher Stephen Vogt with I assume his child. The two of them are holding a placard for MLBs Stand Up 2 Cancer campaign.

Joey Gallo
Francisco Lindor
Jason Heyward

These are this years special Chrome Cards. One advantage of photographing over scanning for these is you can capture the sparkles at a variety of angles. Three Pictures of the same card could have quite different results.

Eduardo Rodriguez
Delino DeShields
Eddie Butler

The filled in "Future Stars" tag, shown here on the Eddie Butler Card, looks a bit better on the Chrome Cards than on flagship - You can actually read the tag on the Chrome Card.

Joe Ross
Craig Biggio
Dwight Gooden
Josh Donaldson

The Ross card is a parallel out of one of the base packs. Whatever Works for Craig Biggio is his dirty helment.

The Bob Feller card above will likely get covered in a future No-Hitters posting.

Joey Butler
Danny Valencia

Gold Cards from flagship - both numbered to 2015.

Jason Garcia/Scott Copeland

Apparently Dual RCs are in Update. I don't recall seeing these in the first 2 series of 2015T.

Joc Pederson

This is one of the Gold Versions of Chrome Update - numbered to /250.

Rookie Sensations Jose Abreu

I believe Rookie Sensations is the common insert for Chrome Update.

I pick up a couple of packs of Update each year, adding these few packs from the MegaBox along with the 8 ChroUp cards will probably conclude my new pack purchases for the year.

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night owl said...

Oooooh, gold sparkly Joc.

deal said...

Yes something tells me that card Is going to end up as an insert for a pack of 2016 Phungo headed North.

Adam said...

That Lindor card is nice and so are the all-star cards.

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