Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cards One Historic Vintage Collection 3 pack break.

These are pretty much a sister pack of the Cards One Trading Investment Series cards Madding featured a few days ago at A Pack to be Named Later.

You be the Judge, do any of these cards fall under the category of Historic, Vintage, or Collectible?

I scanned these in the order they came out of the pack except each row is reversed - If it is important to you, start on the right and read backwards to get the sequence.

1988 Score #508 Jose DeLeon
1993 Score Select #186 Rob Deer

1994 UD #482 Kevin Young

1988 Score #201 Sam Horn
1988 Donruss #127 Jack Morris
1988 Topps #729 Toronto Blue Jays Team Leaders

1991 Topps #508 Mike York
1992 Topps #673 Todd Hundley
1989 Pacific #105 Mike Sirotka

2004 UD #USA-124 Jack McDowell
1988 Fleer #417 Bob Dernier

1988 Donruss #403 Carmen Castillo

1990 Score #274 Rich Yett
1990 Score #213 Daryl Boston
1984 Topps #775 Dave Parker

The other Packs:

I opened two other packs of these and the make up of the three packs was almost identical. All the packs began with a score card and ended with an 84 Topps card. There were several Score cards throughout. There was an Upper Deck 2004 USA card in each pack, however each of the other cards was a significantly lesser player than Jack McDowell. There were several duplicates between the three Packs. The 84 Parker card showed up in the last pack Jose DeLeon would make a reappearance.

The Pick of the Packs:
1984 Topps #750 Jim Palmer

Card of interest

1994 UD #469 Jack Armstrong

Can someone tell me what is going on with that Gold Patch on Armstrong's Pitching arm? Is it some sort of All-Star or inaugural season patch?

I didn't expect much from the 3 packs so I wasn't disappointed, except that there were several dupes among the 45 cards and that there were no Phillies cards.

Phungo Challenge
The Most Vintage was 84 Topps - Autograph Cards was closest 81.
The Superstar was Jim Palmer - A pretty Quality Player. BABenny went with Steve Garvey will give him credit on this one, although Palmer is a big time Hall of Famer.


madding said...

I think 1994 was some sort of anniversary year for MLB - maybe 100 years? I know most of the cards from that year have some special logo on the back as well.

I'm fearful that I may have inadvertently caused people to spend actual money on these things by my post at APTBNL. Oops.

Laurens said...

Baseball's 125th anniversary in 1994...

a thousand words

a thousand words
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