Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Is this a Hot Box?

I was on the fence about building 2011 Topps Heritage and while reviewing posts on the production, I cam across some interesting information over at A Cardboard Problem. 

While at a card show last weekend - (note: good CSA show at Oaks PA - maybe review eventually) - I noticed a case of Heritage Boxes being sold by a dealer.

And I had to check.  

The upside down Topps Logo can see at the Bottom Right Side of the Red oval.  This would be a rumored "Hot Box" - I checked in a stack of perhaps a dozen boxes of Heritage it was the only one box wrapped in the upside down cellophane.    

So I have Two Questions 1) Do you think this is a Hot Box and 2) Should I feel dirty for checking the stack to find this box? 

I figure I can say that I bought the box in the name of the all important research related to card collecting.


night owl said...

It'd be pretty silly if the thing that indicates a hot box is an upside down logo.

But I don't think specifically picking out that box to buy because of the wrapper is much different than buying a can of fruit because the can next to it has dust on it but the one you're buying doesn't.

You're a consumer -- you're allowed to pick the package you like the best.

Now, molesting the package in order to come to a conclusion, that's a different deal.

Derek Hill said...

I hope for you that its a hot box. I hope for the heritage buyers around the world that its not that easy. Strange conclusion? I think so too

SIXTYfeetSIXinches said...

Open the box already!

deal said...

It was a Not Box - as in Not a Hot Box. I will get a box beak posting up eventually, but the box definite did not contain the green tint bonanza that was rumoured.

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