Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pull N Junk of the Month - March 2011 - Opening Day Edition

I know what your thinking - how the heck can an Opening Day card be pull of the month - well two things 1) I only opened about 6 or 7 packs this month and half of those were OD.  2) For the year I have opened a dozen maybe 15 packs and have pulled a grand total of 2 Phillies:

2011 Topps Opening Day #90 Chase Utley

Chase has been on the shelf all spring and is on the DL to start the season, perhaps posting his card for Pull of the month will help his rehab.  I haven't really gotten around to posting about player collections here at Pbungo, but I do have a modest Chase Collection that I should get around to documenting at some point.    

Junk of the Month

2011 Topps Opening Day #59 Russell Martin 

I come down on the NO side of the Photoshopping new Unis on traded/moved players argument.  Funny thing is I enjoy airbrushing.  The trouble is that the P-shop cards have gotten to good for me to identify.  This one I quickly noticed because the P-Shopped Yankee Martin.  In the mythical world that Martin is playing in the Yankees are facing the Padres whom they haven't played since 2008 and those were home games - I am too lazy to figure out the last time the Yanks visited San Diego.  But I am pretty sure that Martin has never faced the Friars in a Yankees Uniform.

The newer Topps Sets are loaded with action shots, I think headshots of the traded players would be fine, in fact I think the trading/signing press conference photos would make for decent cards.  Regardless of what I think, it appears PhotoShopping is in for the moment and there will be plenty of this over the next few years. 

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capewood said...

I actually kind of like the photoshopped card especially in the case of Opening Day if there is a regular Topps card of the same photo in the players old uni. The oly two cards I got which are clearly photoshopped where I had the Topps card they used different photos. As to the Russell card, maybe the should have 'shopped the catcher as well into an AL uniform.

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