Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Phungo 5 With Paul's Random Stuff

As I write this, the Phils are in the process of trying to avoid their first loss of the season while hosting the New York Mets.  The Mets have gone through a few disappointing season the past years and hope to rebound in 2011.  We have brought in Paul's Random Baseball Stuff to give us some info on the Mets 9.

1) Who will be the most improved Met in 2011?>
> Jason Bay - he almost has to be better than he was in 2010
> 2) Are there a lot of drivable trips for a Bears fan in the CanAm
> league - and is this a switch that your looking forward to as an opportunity
> to see different teams and visit new parks?

I'm looking forward to seeing some new faces. The Can-Am League is
geared towards younger players than the Atlantic League, so even the
Bears should have a new look. The Bears are trying to start up a
cross-county rivalry with the New Jersey Jackals, and the Rockland
will play their home games in Ramapo, N.Y. once their
ballpark is finished. None of the other Can-Am League teams are really
close to New Jersey, and you'd need a passport to go see one of them
(the Quebec Capitales)


> 3) Who will lead the Mets pitching staff in Wins? .

> I think it will be Jon Niese - I believe he's going to have a breakout
> year in 2011.
>>     4) Has there been any word on how the mets intend to  commemorate the
>> 25th aniversary of the 1986 Mets Championship?
> There's been no word about a special ceremony, but the team is
> planning smaller events throughout the season.
>>     5) How much did the Bernie Madoff Scandal cost you?
> Personally? Not much other than the headache of having to hear about
> it for most of the off-season. Check back in a few months if the Mets
> are having a fire sale. ;-)
Box Score
5 out of 5.  Jason Bay is one of those guys I root for despite being a Met and Paul gave us some good info on what is happening with the Newark Bears - We here at Team Phungo HQ will be looking forward to his Can AM league postings. 

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