Friday, August 14, 2009

Michael Vick the RIGHT move for the Eagles

There are several reasons that the Eagles signed Michael Vick. Yes, this is a controversial move but I think many folks outside the Philadelphia area fail to understand wny this is the right move for the the Philadelphia Eagles, the Philadelphia Community and the NFL.

1) Many from other towns with larger traditional fan bases probably don't get this but the Eagles need Superstars like Michael Vick to bring in fans. The aging Eagles franchise doesn't have the rabid fan base of say the Panthers or Jaguars - In fact the Eagles have not sold out a game since August 13th of 2009 - remember those days??

2) The Talent Level: The Eagles need to field a playoff caliber team - keep this in mind the Eagles have not been involved in an NFL postsason game since the played the Arizona Cardinals on January 18th of 2009. To give you an idea of how long that has been, the rest of the NFL has played one yes One post season game since then. Obviously the Eagles roster was not good enough without Vick.

3) The Value of the Eagles: The Eagles are estimated to be valued at only 1.024 Billion Dollars, lingering way down at 5th on the NFL list. Really to remain viable it is necessary for the Eagles to sign an impact player like Vick to catch up with the rest of the NFL.

4) It's time to jettison players that the fans have grown tired of like Brian Dawkins and infuse the team with some new talent that hasn't been so involved in the community. I mean what kind of loyal fan is going to risk his dream job with the Eagles by mouthing off about how much the Eagles need to keep Mike Vick.

5) Isn't it time that the Eagles give the #7 to another QB. A whole generation of fans has grown up thinking that number belongs to a single player.

Those are all good reason and I think you will find some agreement when you consider things from a different veiwpoint. And as everyone knows the Eagles are the "Gold Standard".


Jim said...

Still shaking my head . . . Someone will have to let me know how the Eagles did after the season ends since I won't be paying attention.

madding said...

haha... nice.

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