Sunday, August 9, 2009

Phillies 2009 Alumni Night

First off I want to let everyone know that there is still time to get involved in the

John Hughes Memorial Trading Card Trivia Contest!

It's looking like a crummy weather day here in the Northeast, I'm sure there are some 80s trivia buffs out there who could waste 20 minutes on the net finding the answers, and someone has to challenge Dayf.

Moving on to the present post:

Alumni Night was a bit of a bummer for several reasons. The Phils lost for the 2nd game in a row v the 2nd place Marlins. The Phils appeared to have a favorable pitching matchup (Cole Hamels v Sean West). The Alumni accessibility was not as good as expected. And finally we got caught up in a traffic jam on the way home.

Within the game itself the Marlins were terribly sloppy but the Phils let the Fish off the hook several times by going about 2 for 20 with runners on base. The Marlins won 6-4. Dingers were hit for the bad guys by Chris Coghlan (member of Phungo Fantasy Squad at least) and Cody Ross. Former Phil Brian Sanches got the W in relief, Cole Hamels was unimpressive in yet another loss and failed to go 6 innings. On a positive note Ryan Howard looked good without hitting a homer - a rare event. He has not been hitting well recently, hopefully his 4-4 night gets him out of his slump.

Despite the frustrating loss, I did have a good time and I am glad I went. I was able to pick up a couple of autos and got a couple of decent pictures.

Here are some of the hilights (all pix can be clicked to enlarge):

Harry Kalas was this years inductee to the Phillies Wall of Fame, this is his brand new plaque.

Phils New Addition:
Anybody notice anything odd about the above picture?

Mickey Morandini

Jim Eisenreich

National Anthem with Phillies Alumni and Current Phillies on the field

Close Up of Alums including all four Phils living HOFs

And I got some shots of the bad guys.

This is what Chris Coghlan looks like right before he hits a homer to center field

and Marlins Pitcher Sean West:

I met West's Aunt and Uncle at a local restaurant last year and have been following him a bit since then. He is young and has had mixed starts this year. Last night he was fair at best, he was able to get out of a few jams, but lasted less than 5 innings. The Marlins bullpen did a great job of holding the Phils in check and along with Chris Coghlan were the stars of the game.


Hackenbush said...

Pedro seems to be messin' with us. He's not left-handed!

Andy said...

He's not wearing his glove either.

Can you provide the full list of Phillies alumni players who attended the ceremony?

Jim said...

Is that a Rich Surhoff sighting? The Phillies really do the alumni weekend thing the right way - very classy.

'30-Year Old Cardboard said...

I'm glad that series was over. It's nice to pick up 3 games on you guys, but we could have very easily been kicked down to 10 games out as well. At least this helps make the next few weeks more exciting for both of us!!

deal said...

I will have a flup on Pedro in a day or two. I think I heard Surhoff's name but not sure. And I will run down the list of alumni to the best of my ability at some point.

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