Monday, August 3, 2009

Sloppy Topps - "Flash" Gordon

2006 Topps #163 Tom Gordon

Nice Job on this one. Topps went to all the trouble of photoshopping/painting a new uniform onto Tom Gordon, they also camouflaged Yankee stadium in red, but then they dropped the ball on the simplest yet most important item.

The card still Identifies Flash Gordon as a Yankee!!

They even managed to get the Phillies logo correct on the back of the card and installed a whole new cartoon that mentions his stature as the Phils new Closer.

2006 Topps #163 Tom Gordon (b-side)

I am not sure if Tom Gordon is identified as Flash on very many cards and suspect that the only reason they used his nickname rather than Tom is that he was expected to be a Yankee. The 05 Topps U&H All-Star card which does correctly identify Gordon as a Phillie has his name listed as Tom.

2006 Topps #UH266 Tom Gordon

And check out the shoes on both cards - does anybody else think that the logo of a certain shoe company looks significantly bigger in the altered photo.

This is definitely not a good enough card for a player worthy of being referenced in the title of a Stephen King novella.

For The Collector

A Tom Gordon Sticker Auto on Ebay has recently gone for $3.99

Gordon's rookie cards are from 1989 Topps #38T, UD #736, Fleer #284 and Donruss #45. The Donruss #45 "Rated Rookie" card can routinely be found in dime boxes.

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