Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hurricane Irene Card Show Pick Ups

Just when you thought the supersaturated coverage of Hurricane Irene was over, Team Phungo brings it back. 

The local show was at the Exton Mall this past weekend and I ran out there for a few hours on Friday and added some baseball cards to my emergency supplies for this past weekend. 


2011 Topps Heritage Baseball Highlight Sketches Roy Halladay
Cards from games that I attended are right at the top of my want list.  This card is easily my favourite one of 2011.  I went over my $1 limit for inserts to procure this special card.  

Super Veterans
1983 OPC Super Veterans Steve Carlton and Pete Rose

There were 1983 OPC star cards floating around at a couple of tables.  I have been putting together the 83 SuperVets and these are nice cards to supplement that set.

Chrome n Serial Goodness

The Pearce and Wainwright were both from a dime box.  Pearce isn't a star, but finding the #d/59 Chrome version of the card in a dime box could not be passed on.  The Shula card is from the Masterpieces #d/75 Green Frame parallel set - went a full dollar for this card.  
2011 Topps Inserts
There was one woman selling cards for a nickle, in addition to all these 60th anniversary inserts she also had a good selection of 2011 A&G.

The show was pretty small - I only hit 3 tables and there were maybe 5 others, but there was a good selection of different items.  

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capewood said...

I like those Super Vet cards. I think I have the Carleton but I really like that Rose card.

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