Thursday, August 18, 2011

2011 Topps Lineage Blaster Break

I started out liking Topps Lineage - not enough to build it, but I did enjoy opening up the 7 pack blaster I picked up at Target - but then I got to 4 additional loose packs that I picked up and realized I was growing bored w/ the product.  
2011 Topps Lineage Blaster 
Damage: $21.19 (incl PA Sales Tax) for 57 cards
 2011 Topps Lineage #TCS2 Derek Jeter
The pick of the pack was the above Derek Jeter Cloth Sticker.  I like the idea of including cloth stickers in Lineage but I was bummed the stickers look exactly like the dull ass base cards.
Regardless it's a big summer for Mr Jeter and according to the pack odds and my rough math, there is roughly 1 Jeter cloth sticker per case of Lineage. 
2011 Topps Lineage Cole Hamels 
There was only one Phil in my blaster.  I am in a bit of a Phils slump right now :(
75 Minis
Obviously the hit of Topps Lineage are the 75 minis.  I presented the Jake McGee base here for comparison.  Austin Jackson was my bonus relic. 
Other Highlights
Jose Bautista Venezuelan
Nelson Cruz Sparkle
Youkilis Stand Up (the other fun insert) 
Ichiro Base (w/ Rookie Cup) 
Michael Pineda Rookie All-Star
Johnny Damon Base and Knock off chromey thing
Blaster All-Star Team

 LHP David Price, RHP Verlander, C Miguel  Montero, I didn't get a closer so Chris Sale is the Blaster Relief staff.
1B Billy Butler, 2b Michael Young (listed as 3b here, but I didn't get a 2b), 3b=Chipper, SS Tulowitzki
Cargo, Either, Heyward, Carl Crawford
Report Card
Base Set Design - Meh - would have been nice to see heritage card stock. 
Base Set Checklist - thumbs up, I like short sets w/ Hall of Famers heavy - I would have liked to see a few more prospects, but I didn't get to really check out all of the prospects in this set.
Base Backs - hate it, but I was wondering has another set had such noticeable color variations on the back based on the players team. 
Photography - Solid
Inserts - Interesting - Like 75 Minis and the popups - but Topps really mailed it in by using the same pix and giving them all the same back - except for Venezuelan which they gave identical fronts.  
Final Grade
Thumbs Down - The more I see this set and the less I like it.  The boring base design combined w/ the mirroring of it for the inserts is a crummy combination.


hiflew said...

The worst part of the base back is that each player's color is slightly different than the others. I have my Rockies team set and they range from deep purple with Ubaldo to a bluish with Helton. It is very annoying.

robbyt said...

Would you be interested in trading the Austin Jackson relic card? I don't have a Phillie relic card, but I do have cards of Andrew McCutchen, BJ Upton, and Aramis Ramirez.

deal said...

RobbyT the Jackson is yours. I'll swap it for the McCutchen. Will send you an email

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