Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Phungo Challenge - 2012 First Homers

New Phungo Challenge for May.  Who on this list will be the first to Hit a Homer in 2012.  And how many hit homers before Albert Pujols?

Jimmy Rollins
Bryce Harper
Shin Soo Choo
Starlin Castro
Luis Pujols
Johnny Damon
Omar Vizquel
Vlad Guerrero
Bobby Abreu
Ryan Howard

Carlos Zambrano
CC Sabathia
Jamie Moyer
Andy Pettite

Jason Varitek
Gorman Thomas
Tony Plush
Tyler Moore (MLB Debut w/ Nats day after B Harper)
Mary Tyler Moore
Dominic Brown
Charlie Brown
The Chick on DWTS who was trending yesterday. 
Cute barista at my starbucks. 
The Squirrel on Skip Shumakers Topps Card.   

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