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PhillyShow Review - 2012 12 08

Doubt I will get time to do a lot of show and tell posts on the show - so I will just do the telling part with some random observations regarding the 3 or so hours I spent at the show.


If you want to flood the show floor in the Philadelphia  area, plan a Chase Utley signing. 
That being said, I am not sure many of the folks their to get Utley's autograph were actually purchasing cards. I was impressed that the numbers called out for the signings by So Taguchi and Terry Mulholland numbered over 200.
Terry Mulholland - Is there a cooler looking former major leaguer right now.

I rarely pick up the autographs at the PhillyShow - the pricing is way above my interest level for autos.  Of course my thriftyness ends there - I ended up throwing down close to $200 on mostly vintage Phillies, Hall of Famers, and star cards. 

Cards - Phillies Vintage
- I was happy to knock out 4 of the 5 1957 Topps middle series cards that I needed.  This Series is the hardest to find in the 1957 set and covers #255-#352.  The four cards in this purchase varied in pricing from $1.20 to $2.  
- Picked up the 1960-62 Richie Ashburn cards (which are not Phillies cards but are with the Mets and Cubs) for $5.50 combined. 
- The most expensive Phillies card I picked up was 1949 Bowman #193 Ken Trinkle.  This is part of the Hi Series and went for $5.  This was also the oldest card I picked up.
- 1960 Topps #264 Robin Roberts $1.50 
- 1956 Topps #72 Phillies Team card $3.

Hall of Fame Vintage
- Added Ralph Kiner to my collection of HoF cards of player from their active era. 1952 Bowman #11 Ralph Kiner $6 - it's creased, thus the fairly cheap price .
- 1954 Topps #3 Monte Irvin $5 
- 1968 Topps Game Mickey Mantle $5
- 1956 Topps #17 Emlen Tunnell (Football) $2
- All the Ashburn and Roberts cards above
- 1964 Topps League Leader cards with HoFs $2 (Koufax, Drysdale,  Aaron, Kaline, Mays, Santo, Killebrew etc)

Vintage worth mentioning
- 1955 Bowman Johnny Podres $2
- A dozen off condition 1952 Topps cards at $3.50 a pop (No Phils, No Stars)

Dime Boxes
Lots of stuff could be found in dime boxes including:
2012 Panini Cooperstown collection cards including some inserts - all non-Phils though.
2009 Topps A&G David Wright Box Topper - go figure
- 2012 Topps Archives base cards including HoFs and Phillies
- A&G/GQ/Goodwin minis including paralllels and special backs - no Phils

For more postings on the PhillyShow check out Brad's Blog - he has been posting a lot of great vintage pickups from last weekend.

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