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Phun Cards 2006 Topps #UH20 Jeff Conine: 2013 HoF Candidiate

The Phillies traded for Jeff Conine in August of 2006 to give them a Left handed bat for the stretch run.  Conine got into 28 games for the 06 Phils who finished 3 games out of the wild card slot.

I was always a fan of Conine despite the fact that he basically beat the Phils single-handily in a critical game I attended in September of 2003. In addition to a double, Homer, and 3 RBIs, Conine was also a star in the field coming up with 2 big outfield assists. Overall it was one of the greatest all-around games I have ever seen a player have. To sum up his day a friend of mine who was also at that game quipped "If I had a gun I would have shot him"

2006 Topps #UH20 Jeff Conine

For His Career Conine had 1982 Hits and 214 Homers.  I am sure he is a member of several Marlins All-Time teams as he is one of the few members of both their 1997 and 2003 World Champoinship squads.  For his career Conine appeared in 6 Post Season series and was on the winning side of all of them.

Jeff Conine had a great career and will always be identified with the Marlins World Series teams.  His Numbers are good but not Hall worthy.  I do hope that he gets a goodguy vote out of the comittee, as he has always seemed like a class act.

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