Thursday, December 27, 2012

Phun Cards 2000 Topps #120 Curt Schilling: 2013 HoF Candidate

This one is no fun for me.  If I had an HoF vote it would be no. Not on the first ballot and likely not ever.

Curt Schilling is a borderline for regular season numbers with many outstading playoff and World Series performances. You probably know all this and already have an opinion on Schilling - Which likely is based at least partially on his off the field persona and oddly for his generation has nothing to do with steroids.

2000 Topps #120 Curt Schilling

Not discussing Schilling does give me an opportunity to discuss 2000 Topps however. 

One of the things I hear regarding foil on cards in recent years is that it doesn't scan well.  Is that really a legitimage complaint.  If the card looks ok out of the pack and you can read the name why should the readability of the players name on a scan be a design flaw. Peoiple will mention that "3-D" cards don't scan well, but the complaint will be it is a stupid idea not a dumb design. 

I rather like 2000 Topps - minimalist, but contains all the pertinent info you would like to see on a baseball card. Team Colors and a modest team logo. It isn't a set that will make the Topps all-time list but it is more then adequate.

2013 HoF Candidate Postings

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