Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Trails Brad Lidge

Last last night I heard the news that Brad Lidge is retiring

DayF Original Brad Lidge 1/1

This is one of  the favorite cards in the Phungo collection.  And Why not - it is a 1/1, marks a great moment in Phillies history and it is an original work of art by one of my favorite card bloggers DayF the Cardboard Junkie.

Brad Lidge will always have a permanent place in Phillies history for his contributions to the 2008 championship 48 for 48 in saves and the moment captured in the DayF work above - The final out of the game 5 clincher.
Last season I was pretty nervous when Lidge went to the Nationals. I honestly thought he had a few good years left in him.  Obviously I was wrong. Immediatley after the World Series Championship Season Lidge had an absolutely miserable 2009. 2010 and 2011 were mixed with Lidge bouncing on and off the DL and in and out of the closer role.  This past season he really was unable to contribute for the Nationals at all.
Lidge will be 36 by the end of this month and sadly Light Out must turn the lights out on his career. 11 Seasons, 225 career saves, averaged 11.9K/9 innings for career.  1 World Championship, Pitched in 3 World Series (05, 08 and 09)  His Post Season Numbers include an ERA of 2.18 with 18  Saves.
Past Lidge Postings   
The Original DayF Brad Lidge Posting is here.  Includes a couple of other great WS Cards. 
Brad Lidge Phungo Card here
Phillies 2008 WSC puzzle - featuring Lidge

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Jim said...

Happy trails to a true class act. Looking forward to his Wall of Fame induction ceremony in a few years!

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