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2015 Phungo #21 Jimmy Rollins with VARIATIONS

Today our look at 2015 Phungo checks in with Jimmy Rollins

2015 Phungo #21 Jimmy Rollins

This year I elected to continue a feature introduced last year - Hardware. That is how I refer to awards won by different players - For each award card the hardware title is placed above the player name and backlit in bright yellow or gold as I choose to think of it.

The Roberto Clemente award is presented to an MLB player who is noted for their sportsmanship and contributions both on and off the field. The process involves nominations from each team, fan voting, and a select MLB panel which includes Bud Selig, Rob Manfred, and Vera Clemente - Widow of Roberto. This year the vote resulted in a tie between Jimmy Rollins and Chicago White Sox first baseman Paul Konerko.

I have made an additional nod to Roberto Clemente here by placing Rollins on card #21 - The number worn by Clemente. I would like to see Topps honor card #21 and #42 (Jackie Robinson) in the same way. Rather than retiring the card number (#7 Mantle) why not give it each year to a deserving player. It would give collectors another discussion point in the hero number conversation.

Unfortunately there is an error on the card. The date on the card is August 19, 2014 - unfortunately this photo was taken on May 18 of 2013. This leads us to....

2015 Phungo #21 Jimmy Rollins (Dodgers Variation)

I originally had a totally different Phils card for Rollins. The Picture was from a game versus Seattle on 8/19/2014. But the photo featured Jimmy in a cap and wasn't really suitable for a traded type card. Once he was traded I found this non-cap pix and quickly made up the above Dodgers card.

I then took the pix and inserted it into the Phillies template, but I forgot to change the date. Beyond the border differences the cards are still slightly different in the way the photo is framed. Check Jimmy's left ear. It touches the frame on the Phillies card but does not on the Dodgers card.


For some reason I am still a sucker for parallels. Target is my desired pickup point for retail largely because they have the red border parallels, which match up better for the Phils team colors than Walmart Blue.

However, creating cards for the Phungo Sets makes me realize how flooding a set with parallels is just plain lazy. It is pretty much as simple as taking the A card and point and clicking on the boarder - make less of the B card and call it a hit.

Regardless I am a sucker for parallel cards and trading cards and two weeks from now when 2015 S1 debuts I will come up with some excuse to go to Target and I will seek out the package with the extra Red parallel cards. sigh

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