Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Introducing 2015 Phungo Cards

Hello 2015 Phungo

2015 Phungo #1 Cole Hamels

Team Phungo is very happy to announce the release of 2015 Phungo Cards. This is our 7th release, At 70 cards, the checklist is our largest ever.

I am happy with this years design. The team colors are featured on the border, Player name and position are prominently displayed via a banner near the bottom. Below that we have the game date and card number. The Players team is repeated scroll line style at the top of the photo.

The shot on this card is just a tad dark, The photo was taken while Hamels was being interviewed by Scott Palmer for a Sunday Broadcast. Overall I am happy with the sets photo quality. My zoom skills have gotten better and I have become more conscience of the affects of the lighting source for my shots. This has allowed for the doubling of resolution for the photographs. Hopefully the difference can be noticed in the final product.   

Cole Hamels earned the #1 spot in this year set, This is his second turn in the top spot. He previously batted led off in 2013. The Phillies really had not other good option for this season - My discussion on Hamels 2014 and projected 2015 can be found here.

Hopefully Hamels stays with the Phils but I do understand that the Phillies are trying to move on, This makes #1 a precarious spot in 2016.

As noted above, we put together a 70 card set, plus a pair of inserts. Overall 24 of the 30 MLB teams are represented - much appreciation to Fergie Jenkins who I used to rep four teams. In addition to Jenkins, the 2015 Phungo Hall of Famers include Jim Bunning, Brooks and Jackie Robinson - oh and a cameo by Steve Carlton. The complete checklist can be found here

As per usual we will flood you with Phungo Card for the next couple of weeks and then move on to other projects. 
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