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1982 Topps #1 Steve Carlton Record Breaker

A few nights ago we ran a column on the Derek Jeter 2015 Topps #1 card and how it compares with the companies other opening cards.

1982 Topps #1 Steve Carlton Highlight NL Strikeout Record

I classified all the #1s in relation to the Jeter card. The judging was very subjective, and this is one of the cards that I determined was better than 2015T Jeter. Lefty got the nod because he is one of my favorite players from when I was a kid and was the Ace for the Phillies first World Championship team in 1980.

Your results may vary - if you don't like it, write your own blog.

Steve Carlton broke Bob Gibson's NL Career Strikeout mark on Septemember 21st 1981 in a 1-0 loss to the Montreal Expos. The tying K took place in the 2nd inning against Montreal Third Baseman Larry Parrish. The following inning Carlton struck out Hall of Famer Andre Dawson with the Record Breaker.

The OCD collector in me would like to point out that the above Photo of Steve Carlton shows Lefty in the Phillies Home Whites. This means that the picture was NOT taken at the game in which Carlton broke Gibson's records.

1982 Topps #1 Steve Carlton Highlight NL Strikeout Record (b-side)

The back of the card contains some info on the game without noting that the Phillies lost that day. The L was not on Carlton who pitched 10 shutout innings. The game was in the 17th inning when Dawson recorded a bases loaded single to give the Expos the victory.

An incredible dozen different players were penciled in the Number nine spot for the Phillies that day including Rookie Ryne Sandberg who entered the game as a pinch runner.

The text also mentions the previous record holder Bob Gibson who was honored by Topps with a Highlight Card in 1975 commemorating his 3000th strikeout.

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