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Abe Vigoda 1921-2016

It makes me happy that Abe Vigoda lived long enough to make it into the Topps Allen & Ginter's collection.

2013 Topps Allen & Ginter's #176 Abe Vigoda

Of course it took them eight releases to get around to publishing the card of the cult icon. In addition to this base version of the card there are Relic and Autographed cards as well as A&Gs several parallels.

 2013 Topps Allen & Ginter's #176 Abe Vigoda (b-side)

The text on the back has Vigoda's standard Bio mentioning the Godfather and Barney Miller. Bonus points for noting the Fish spinoff, however a "Boo" for ignoring is late nite tv cult status.

2013 Topps Allen & Ginter's Frankenset #171-179

I have never built an A&G set, but I do pick up a few packs or perhaps a blaster each year. From these purchases and fervent dime box procurement I have built a near complete Frankenset. I am happy to report that Fish is presently holding down the #176 slot in the Phungo AnG Binder - right next to a 2006 Miguel Cabrera Card. 

On Stage
In additon to his TV and Film work Abe Vigoda was also a busy theater actor.  In 1972 he apprently played Abraham Lincoln in something called "Tough to Get Help"

Tough to Get Help Bio of Abe Vigoda (1972)

Interesting to see Abe Vigoda's bio as he was just coming off of his Godfather performance. Cool to see him mentioned with Jimmy Durante as part of "the halcyon days of comedy"

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Tony Burbs said...

Watched a lot of Barney Miller as a kid and his appearance as Otis in Goodburger really sticks out from my childhood. It's a shame to see him go; but, he certainly lived a full life.

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