Friday, January 1, 2016

Introducing 2016 Phungo Cards

We here at Phungo HQ are very excited to announce the release the newest iteration of Phungo Cards.

2016 Phungo #1 Maikel Franco

Card #1 goes to Maikel Franco.

The departures of Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, and Cole Hamels coupled with the decline of Ryan Howard have left the once mighty Phillies with a dearth of talent. Maikel Franco is one of the few bright spots remaining.

2016 Phungo
I have wanted to do a wood grain based card for a while. We are now 29 years removed from the 1987 Topps Set. This means we have put more distance between 1987T and today then the space between that set and the original Topps woody in 1962.

In today's climate I don't see Topps going back to the wood grain set anytime soon. There is already a glut of retro sets and I see flagship going more contemporary with Stadium Club style designs.

The 2016 Phungo design is inspired/stolen from a Canadian issue 1912 Imperial Tobacco. It is a set that is pretty scarce and basically beyond my price point. The second best way to get myself some of these century old cards was to create my own which is what I did. 

In the coming weeks we will be showing off the 2016 Phungo cards, hope you enjoy them.

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Jim from Downingtown said...

Nice card! My one comment would be that the debut date should be in one of these formats:

Aug 2, 2015

instead of 2015 08 02. IMO, that format only makes sense when sorting a list by date.

Looking forward to the rest of the series. (It may be the only bright spot for the 2016 Phillies!)

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