Saturday, January 2, 2016

Man of the Year: Ryne Sandberg

In a year when Philadelphia teams fired 3 coaches in the four major sports and the only one to survived started 3-32 it only seems appropriate to give a "Man of the Year" award to Ryne Sandberg.

Score Presaged this a quarter century ago.

1991 Score #815 1990 Score Man of the Year Ryne Sandberg

Ok Score was noting Sandberg's accomplishments as a player: A Power hitting and slick fielding second baseman.

Regardless I wish things would have worked out better in Philadelphia for Ryne Sandberg. And technically I suppose he quit rather than got fired, but I think his departure was inevitable.

Score's 1990 Man of the Year
It should be noted the 1990 Man of the Year was not just given to Ryne Sandberg for his on-field prowess. 

1991 Score #815 1990 Score Man of the Year Ryne Sandberg (b-side)

Ryne Sandberg's charitable work in Chicago during the era is noted on the back of the card. Specifically his work with the Chicago Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation is mentioned.

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Tony Burbs said...

It was a shame to see him go the way he did; eerily similar to how he quit on the Cubs in 1994. Hopefully he gets another chance.

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