Wednesday, January 10, 2018

2018 HOF Candidate: Brad Lidge

We made it!

Somehow after barely posting for the last year, we were able to get through all 5 of the Phillies related HOF Candidates - and for some reason I am happy about that

2009 Allen & Ginter's Baseball Highlights #AGH23 Brad Lidge

Other than a terrific DayF original this is my favorite of the many cards that have been dedicated to Brad Lidge closing out the 2008 World Series. 

I am not as big a fan of A&G base as other folks, but I do love the highlight cards. For me the attraction is honoring the games great moments, and it is cool to have a card dedicated to a Championship won by your favorite team. 

Lidge was a perfect 41/41 in saves during the regular season and then went on to complete 7 additional saves in the postseason.

Baseball-Reference snippet of Brad Lidge 2008 Saves (regular season)

The above is how Baseball-Reference sums up Brad Lidge's 2008 save efficiency. Nothing like looking at perfection.

2009 Allen & Ginter's Baseball Highlights #AGH23 Brad Lidge (b-side)

Clear and concise, the card mentions the 41 saves of the regular season, followed by the most important one of the postseason - The Phillies 4-3 World Series Clincher versus the Rays. We have posted a few times about this game, check here if you would like to read more.

Brad Lidge got the final out in one of the best games that I have ever had the chance to attend HOF !!

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