Tuesday, January 2, 2018

1963 Topps All-Star Rookie Cup Team (1964 Topps Set)

This is an index to postings related to the 1963 Topps All-Star Rookie Team which was honored with cards in the 1964 Topps set. The Set includes Phillies pitcher Ray Culp as well as superstar gambler Pete Rose.

1964 Topps #412 Ray Culp
73  Jimmy Hall
85  Pete Ward
109  Rusty Staub (SABR 1964 Topps / Rocky Colavito)
125  Pete Rose (Wax Pack Gods memory)
130  Gary Peters
168  Al Weis
330  Tommy Harper (1963 Topps Rookie All-Star Banquet)
412 Ray Culp (2013 Heritage Preview)
412 Ray Culp (2013 Heritage Preview b-side)
435  Vic Davalillo
457  Jesse Gonder (SABR 1963 Rookie Cup Voting / Missing Cup)

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