Sunday, December 6, 2009

Philly Card Show Report - 2009 12 05

I was real happy with how the Philly Card Show went for me this weekend. First off, I was lucky enough to meet another card blogger, Andrew, from Sports Card Info. We only spoke briefly - He was off to lunch, and I know better than to slow down a man who is ready to eat. Sports Card Info already has a pretty comprehensive review of the show posted. Sooz over at A Cardboard Problem has been running a series of posts - and I will try and to something similar.

Overall I was very happy with the show as I was able to score 40+ cards I need for the 1959 Topps set I have been building. I was also happy with lots of other vintage that I picked up. I spent a little more than I thought I might - but that is largely because of two splurges.

This is a scattered posting to give you an idea of prices that different thing were going for at the show.

The Bob Miller Card above was among a group of 1956 cards I picked up at a dollar a piece. I think I was able to find 3 Phils and 3 non-Phils in the group.

Vintage Dimes

The Dime Box I went through was pretty scattered, I mostly picked out 80s Junk and Retro/Vintage from the box, but there were a few 70s cards in there like The Mets Team card and Foster above.

3 For a Dollar

While scouring a 3 for a buck bin for 59s I picked out a mix of other cards including these below.

Good Rule of thumb, anytime you see a Brooklyn Dodger or New York Giant card for .35 cents, pick it up. 60s HOF same rule applies. The Pena Card was among about a half dozen serial numbered chrome cards I picked out.

Phillies Various Prices

I can't remember if Simmons was in the 3fer or regular dollar bin - probably the 3fer. The Carlton Card was priced as marked. The 75 rc is a mini out of the 3fer and Ray Herbert was the highlight of the dime box for me.


roughly the $$$ spent at the show broke down as follows:

$90.00 Hobby Box Splurge
$10.00 5 Packs 09 Topps Heritage Hi & Series 3

$33.30 1959 Topps mostly Commons and High Numbers
$30.00 1959 Topps Splurge
$32.50 Vintage Topps Bowman Fleer
$14.00 3 tobacco cards in garbage condition

$13.00 Miscellaneous Phillies

$4.00 Dime Box - Junk Wax
$3.00 Dime Box - Retro/Heritage
$1.50 5 Chrome/Serial Numbered cards
$1.20 Dime Box - Other Cards

$6.00 Admission
$7.00 Sandwhich and a Coke


I was anticipating spending a little over a hundred bucks, and would splurge on the Hobby Boxes if something fell in my price range - and it did - saving that for a future box break post though.


night owl said...

Great stuff there.

I try to to spend no more than 100 bucks at card shows (there are so few that I can go to). Sometimes I'm way under that, but I rarely go way over. However, if I splurged on a hobby box, that would be another story.

Sooz said...

What hobby box did you buy?

deal said...

It's not one but 2 hobby boxes. It something from 2008 will try and get a posting up tomorrow.

James said...

Good rule of thumb with the NYGiants/Brooklyn Dodgers. Good cards.

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