Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Spot The Sig! Special Announcement!

Spot the Sig! is on the move!

Where it's going has something to do with this:

If you have been playing along you will know that this past weeks STS! involved ballplayer-author Jim Bouton as well as the Phungo Library.

This is the perfect segue into announcing that the next edition of Spot the Sig! will be hosted by a blog with some literary connections.

And the new host will be the always entertaining

If you follow Padrographs you know that Rod is an avid Padres Autograph chaser and the man is also a lover of books. This combination should make for a fun and exciting Spot the Sig! contest.

A few months ago Rod contacted me about the possibility of running the contest on his blog, and I thought it was a great idea.

Spot the Sig!
is a pretty simple concept and I hope everyone finds it to be an enjoyable challenge each week. There is some creativity in coming up with a Bonus questions that readers can identify with but might not easily be "Net" accessible.
I look forward to seeing what Rod does with the contest, and I also look forward to guessing the autos presented by another blogger.

Beyond that I really don't know much of what Rod has in store for us, I would keep my eyes out over at Padrographs and expect a related announcement from him later today.

Down the road, I would love to see Spot the Sig! Run twice a year, once by myself and once by an outside blogger. If your interested in running a future STS! let me know via email and we can work on a timeframe.

Oh and one more thing -- a Special Stealth STS! auto:

If you are the first person to pick up this auto you get a bonus Double in Spot the Sig!


Nachos Grande said...

It'd be funny if that is a Steve Phillips auto.

Play at the Plate said...

Ok, I've banged my head against the desktop enough...I give up.

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