Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hall of Fame Profile - Steve Carlton

I used to have a regular feature I referred to as "Hall of Fame Thursday". I am now going to try and revive the series under the heading of "Hall of Fame Profile". This should give me the freedom to continue the feature while not be tied to a specific day of the week. Once again the HOF profile posts will not be restricted to the Baseball Hall of Fame and Players enshrined in Cooperstown. I will also be featuring a heavy dose of folks in the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame. I will occasionally feature the HoF players or people from other popular sports, not so popular sports, other fields, schools and locations. However the main focus will remain Baseball and Philadelphia with the other folks mixed in.

The Phils were in St Louis battling the Cardinals this week (1 up 3 down ) and I thought that largely known as a Philly, but one time Cardinal, Steve Carlton would be a great way to Re-kickoff HOF Profile.

1973 Topps #300 Steve Carlton

1973 Topps is not one of my favorite designs. But I do like this card.

#1 I like it because it is Carlton's first base card as a Phil (There is a 1972 Traded Card)

#2 I like it because for a long time Tim McCarver was known as Steve Carlton's personal catcher. This photo features Carlton with a catcher that may be McCarver. The Photo is likely from 1972, Carlton's first year with the Phils. McCarver was with the Phils in '72, unfortunately for us card photo sleuths McCarver was traded mid-season to the Expos for John Bateman. Of course Bateman would wear number 6 as a Phil. So unless someone can make out weather this is Bateman or McCarver we may never know.

1973 Topps #300 Steve Carlton (b-side)

I feature the flip side of the card here just for the cartoon. The artist has shown a little creativity giving the comic a baseball motif for billiards...although cartoon Lefty is shooting Right-Handed.

For the Collector
I picked up This 1973 Topps Carlton card for $1 at a card show last year. In recent auctions the card has sold as low as $1.81 (shipped) - graded versions of the card topped out a $17.75. The 1965 Topps #477 Steve Carlton Rookie Card (shared with Fritz Ackley) has sold as low as $23.59 - The High end for the graded RC was $218.50.

Autographed Cards
The lowest finished Auction of a Carlton Card was a really yucky 2003 Timeless Treasures that featured him in a White Sox Uni - why bother - which sold for $13.49. A serial numbered (/99) 05 Baseball Heroes card also went for $13.49 (sticker auto). The 1999 Fleer SI On Card Auto went for $15.50 and as with many of the cards in this set, is pretty sharp. 2007 Sweet Spot (#d/25) and faded $19.37. A much sharper auto is the 2005 Sweet Spot Bat Barrell (#d/10) which went for $38.50. And finally on the high end somebody laid out $102.98 for a 2010 Sportskings Steve Carlton Auto Jersey.

Lefty HoF Index
1972 Topps #751 (Traded/First Phillies Card - Post includes Carlton Card Price Guide)
1981 Donruss #481 (70th Birthday Posting)
1981 Topps #202 (Record Breaker Most Strikeouts Lifetime Lefthander)
1982 Topps #1 (Carlton Breaks Bob Gibson's NL K Record)
1982 Fleer #632 (Carlton Battery with Carlton Fisk)
1984 Topps #1 (300th Win, All-Time Ks leader)
1984 Topps #4 (1983 Highlights - Ryan, Carlton, and Perry pass Johnson Career Ks)


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