Wednesday, November 14, 2012

1972 Cy Young Award Winner Steve Carlton

David Price  and RA Dickey were just announced as this years Cy Young Award winnersTonight I would like to take a look back at a Phillies pitcher that won the award several times.    
1972 Topps #751 Steve Carlton

2012 marks the 40th anniversary of Steve Carlton winning the award for his 1972 campaign in which he recorded 27 of the Philllies 59 wins.  It was the first of four Cy Young awards for Carlton.   

I am sure the 1972 Topps Carlton Card is a favorite of many Phillies fans.  It represents one of the best trades in Phillies history.  Rick Wise for Steve Carlton.  Wise was a very competent pitcher, but no one knew at the time of the trade that Carlton would go on to put up a Hall of Fame numbers.  

This card is from my childhood collection which explains the rough but acceptable condition.  I likely inherited this card from an older kids collection or acquired the it via trade.  For purposes of this column I have added the 72 Topps Carlton Traded Card to the FTC analysis below.  The card is a High number and trends in the $5-$10 range.    

For the Collector

Phungo has been running variations of Hall of Fame Profile since our inception.  I have intended to revisit the For the Collector (FTC) portion of the posts to see what happens regarding card pricing for the different players.  Time has finally passed and today we are going to look at the FTC for Steve Carlton. 

The original Phungo HoF profile for Steve Carlton was in July of 2010.  I ran the same or similar ebay Queries recently and found the following

 Topps Cards2010 07 222012 11 12
1965 Topps #477 RC Lo  21.49$23.59$21.49
1965 Topps #477 RC Hi (unknown Grade)   $218.40
1965 Topps #477 RC Hi (Graded - PSA Mint 9)   

1972 Topps #751 
1972 Topps #751 (Graded PSA Mint  9)

1973 Topps #300 Lo $1.81$1.54
1973 Topps #300 Hi (unknown Grade) $17.75
1973 Topps #300 Hi (Graded - PSA Mint 9 ) 

Autograph Cards2010 07 222012 11 12
2010 07 22 Losest - 2003 Timeless Treasures $13.49
2012 11 12 Lowest - 2004 Fleer GOTG sticker 

05 Baseball Heroes #d/99 sticker13.49
05 Baseball Heroes #d/20 sticker
1999 Fleer SI on card$15.50 $12.24
2007 Sweet Spot (#d/25) Faded$19.37
2007 Sweet Spot (#d/50) Faded
2005 Sweet Spot Bat Barrell (#d/10)$38.50
2005 Sweet Spot Leather (#d/25)
2010 Sportskings Steve Carlton Auto Jersey. $102.98
2012 Topps Triple Threads GU Sticker Auto 1/1 (Phils Pix but Cardinals Jersey)  $202.50

Basically we found that the pricing of Steve Carlton cards has gone down.  However there appears to be some Hi-End cards available in this 2012 survey that were not sold in our 2010 sample.  I look forward to seeing how these numbers look in a few more years.  

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Jim from Downingtown said...

Lefty's first Phillies card!

And the first appearance of 'Traded' cards by Topps (not counting the Clay Dalrymple and Donn Clendenon cards in the 1969 set).

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a thousand words
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