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Phun Cards - 1959 Topps #492 Gene Conley

Zach over at Autograph Cards recently mentioned that he had Autographs representing every MLB team that has existed since 1952 except the Boston Braves.  This got me thinking that there can't be that many Boston Braves that are still living.  According to baseball-fever the number of living Boston Braves alums is around 20. 

One of those 20 players is Gene Conley who also played a few seasons with the Phillies.

1959 Topps #492 Gene Conley

I have been wanting to feature Conley in a column for a while.

I never knew who Conley was till I returned to collecting about 5 years ago. I have always been interested in 2 sport players and quickly found out he was one when I started collecing 1950s era cards.  In addition to being a Major League Pitcher the 6'8" Conley was also an NBA player.  He was a member of three Boston Celtics NBA championship teams from 1959-1961 - His teammates would have included Bill Russell.  He was also a member of the 1957 Milwaukee Braves who won the World Series.  His Teamates with the Braves would have included Hank Aaron, Warren Spahn, and Eddie Mathews. 

For the Collector

The card featured above from the 1959 Topps set and is a common.  Commons from the 1959 Topps set in acceptable condition can be found for 50 cents at card shows.  This is what this Conley card went for - slight crease in upper right corner, but otherwise in good condition.  It will cost you $2 to get the card off ebay.       

Gene Conley's Topps RC is #215 in the 1953 set.  The recent Lo-Bay price is $4.39 with an Ungraded Hi of $30.95  There was a PSA graded card NM-MT 8 (off-center) that went for $50.  COMC has an off-condtion Conley RC lsited at $4.75.  I didn't look hard but there does not appear as if Bowman issued a Gene Conley card.  I also did not find any vintage cards of Conley as a Member of the Boston Celtcis.

As far as Certifed Autos from major card makers, Conley is contracted with Tristar-Obak and has a couple of fine looking signatures in the 2009 set.  There are two of the Obak autos that have finished recently one at $21.99 and the other $32, The cards were serialed to 50 and 25 respectively.

If certified autos aren't your thing this link contains some vague TTM information - Conley appears to sign for $5 via check, but based off of other articles I read I am not sure the address is current. 

More Gene Conley

This Facebook Page has some really cool pix of items from Conley's career.  It appears to have been started by a fan, but it looks like a Conley family member may have addes some photos. 

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