Thursday, November 1, 2012

Team Phungo on the Road

It has been over 3 weeks since the last team Phungo posting.  Fortunately it was not due to any sort of problem, health issue or other unforeseen event.  Team Phungo was on Vacation! 

Today we make our triumphant return and it isn't even a baseball or baseball card posting. 

But this is a sports posting - sort of.

The Colosseum 2012 10 13

I have been doing the MLB stadium tour and knocking out about one a year.  Among the stadiums I have visited are the historical cathedrals of Wrigley and Fenway.  Neither of those classic venues comes close to comparing in age to the one presented above. 

The Colosseum is a fairly iconic landmark, but I really didn't know that much about it prior to visiting - The sports-nut in me did get a bit of a chill when I realized that I was standing in basically one of the oldest sports facilities on earth. 

The Colosseum Wikipedia page has a lot history and information and is worth perusing if your interested in delving deeper.

We spent a just over 2 weeks touring Italy includuing Rome Florence and various outposts on the Amalfi coast - while we did experience some minor issues that one may run into related to travelling in a foreign country, we had a thoroughly enjoyable trip.  Historical sights, beautiful cities, and works of nature.  We had several great meals, experimenting with new foods and discovering great italian wines and beers.  A nice bonus was excluding a day we got absolutely drenched outside the colosseum (day prior to photo above) we had two weeks of absolutely perfect weather.   

My wife is much more of a traveller then I am, and I appreciate her drive to push me to enjoy new things and places. We will not be able to take trips of this magnitude very often, but I am glad we could this time.


More and more I feel  Phungo is expanding beyond baseball cards and baseball.  I remain a huge baseball fan (despite being gone for the bulk of the postseason) and will continue to post game reports and musing on baseball cards. 

Not sure where that ride will take us, but hope some folks will stick around for the journey. 


Hackenbush said...

Love to see more pictures.

deal said...

careful what you wish for - I only took about 500 of them.

will likely post some hilights over the coming weeks.

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