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Ultimate Frisbee - MLU Championship DC Current 23 Vancouver Nighthawks 17

On Saturday July 19, 2014 the 2nd Major League Ultimate Championship was held at PPL park in Chester PA - home of the MLS Philadelphia Union. 

The contest between the DC Current and Vancouver Nighthawks was largely decided in the first quarter. The Current got off to a quick start taking an 8-2 first quarter lead.  That early six point differential would be equivalent to the final tally as DC won 23-17.

Vancouver mounted a couple of rallies, but I believe the closest the made the contest was 13-9 late in the 3rd quarter.


DC Current - According to the Posted roster that is Connor Maloney with the wave

Vancouver Nighthawks - The West Coast Reps Starting Seven, The right most player is Conference MVP Brendan Wong.

The MLU Trophy - In a move borrowed from the NHL, the trophy is given the glove treatment. Directly behind the trophy bearer is MLU Comissioner Jeff Snader. MLU VP Nic Darling is to the left.

For TV/Streaming Video reasons the crowd was seated to provide a background for game action. Because of this MLU logo was upside down for those of us in attendance at the game. You can see the lower portion of the logo at the bottom of the above shot.

Starters for both Squads pose for photograhers with the MLU trophy. 

Lloyd Blake catches a goal midway through quarter 2. This score put DC up 10-2. I was busy enjoying the game, so I ddin't get many action shots. The ones that I did get were pretty blurry. this Is the best of the bunch. 

MLU Social Media Director, Alexandra Wittchen  sung both the Canadian and American anthems. She did a great job with both. 

Locally the Philadelphia Spinners always do a terrific job with the off field entertainment aspects of ultimate. The MLU championship was no exception. I didn't get the name of the emcee above. I believe he may have been connected with the Seattle Rainmakers Club, part of his job was to lead cheers, toss discs into the crowd and coordinate the non-game portions of the night.

The evenings festivities included a Disc Golf challenge and a Fan Sign competition. The MLU also took time to honor our Military Veterans as well.

There is one embarrassing Snafu on MLU's Part

22 years ago during the 1992 World Series the Atlanta Braves infamously (and accidentally) flew the Canadian Flag upside down. Unfortunately the MLU had their own flag issue on Saturday Night. Old Glory dwarfed it's Canadian counterpart. The smaller flag flapped around the rafter a few times, a staffer had to be assigned to keep it flying.

No Dancers 
The MLU Spinners have come under fire in the past for having a dance squad at games, The MLU championship did not include any form of dance squad or cheerleading unit.

Not sure how much this was connected to the controversy, but I was disappointed with the omission. I have family members that have put a lifetime of effort into dance and I have felt that the Fly Girls respected the artform. 

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