Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just a thought on Terrell Owens

Time Out from spring training for a football posting

21 of the NFLs 30 Teams that have won playoff games more recently then Terrell Owens (last playoff Win January 5 2003)

Eagles Giants Redskins
Bears Packers
Panthers Falcons Saints
Cardinals Seahawks Rams
Titans Jaguars
Raiders Chargers Broncos

Of the 9 that have not won a playoff game since then, two of the teams are relatively recent expansion teams - Texans(02) and Browns(99). And two are teams that Owens has played for the 49ers and Cowboys.

In addition to being on the losing side of playoff games with the Cowboys and 49ers, Owens was also involved in the Eagles 2005 Superbowl Loss.

The remaining 5 teams who like Owens have not won a playoff game in the last 6+ years are the Chiefs Bills Dolphins Lions and Bengals

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