Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spot the Sig! - 9th Inning

Sadly, This is the final week for Spot the Sig! However we will end strong with this Auto for a Home Run!

As mentioned last week, PTBNL has this all wrapped up but almost everyone is still in this for the Runner-Up spot. And since this Auto is good for a Home Run, that gives a lot of people a chance to score a couple of 9th inning runs.

This Homer is of the walk-off variety, and there is no bonus this week.

Here are the Spot the Sig! standings going into the 9th inning.

Here are the standings with one inning remaining.

PTBNL - repsresentin those Fightin Phillies - 9 Runs - bases empty
Night Owl - Dodgers - 3 Runs in man on 2nd
Cardboard Junkie - Braves - 3 Runs in - bases empty
Card Buzz - Angels - 2 runs in Bases empty.
Stats on the Back - Mets - 2 Run in - Man on 2nd
Nachos Grande - Reds - 1 Run in. Men on 2nd.
Cardboard Addiction - Bosox - Man on First
A Cardboard Problem - Yankees - man on first.
Covered in Wrappers - Cardinals - On Deck

Once again I would like to thank everyone for participating. I hope you had as much fun guessing as I had running the contest.


Unknown said...

Craig Hansen....

(probably not)

RWH said...

I'm not in the game, but I know that's a former Angel.

dayf said...

Former Angel, Current Brave Casey Kotchman?

Nachos Grande said...

Eesh, that was a tough one. A google search seems to confirm (to me) that Dayf is correct.

Good game - this was tough but quite interesting and fun. I'll try to participate again should you choose to do something similar!

deal said...

Casey Kotchman is correct! I think Dayf may owe a bit of a thans to the I heart Halos crew. Welcome to the game....even if it is in the 9th inning. I will try and get Final results up today. Thanks all for playing.

Yes FoR, I already have a 2nd STS contest in the works. I tentatively am planning to have one in the fall after the baseball regular season concludes. anksaa ols ank

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