Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Phungo Cards - James Bond Island

2009 Phungo #19 James Bond Island

Last year we took a vacation to Thailand to visit relatives on my mothers side of the family. It was a fun, crazy, and adventurous two weeks. I had not been there in 20 years, and had not seen my aunt uncles and cousins since my last trip in the late 80s.

While there we spent a couple of days in Phuket, which is a beach resort area near the equator. James Bond Island is a tourist attraction near Phuket, It is featured in the film "Man with the Golden Gun"

This week Team Phungo is heading off for vacation in Puerto Rico for spring break and....

The World Baseball Classic.

I hope to take some pictures and possibly get some autos. Expect a full report when we return.

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GM-Carson said...

Could you possibly give More Hardball's "Baseball Card Mayhem" a shout out- http://morehardball.blogspot.com/2009/03/baseball-card-mayhem-2.html

By the way, used your Matt Stairs card the other day on WSBGM's.

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