Sunday, October 18, 2009

Phungo Spot the Sig! Contest - 1st Inning

Today we here at Phungo will like to welcome everyone to the Fall 2009 edition of Spot the Sig!

This STS! contest will feature 9 weeks (innings) of autographs for Phungo readers to guess the signer. Each Autograph will be given a base hit value. The reader that scores the most runs via these hits will win the Spot The Sig! Contest. As the winner you will be crowned Phungo Spot the Sig Champion and you will become part of Card Blogosphere History - And I may even toss in a bunch of those extremely valuable late 80s cards as a prize!

Before boring you to much with the particulars of the Phungo Spot the Sig! contest I will present this weeks Auto:

The contestant that correctly guesses this weeks auto will be rewarded with a Double!

These are the ground rules that I have stolen from a 2008 Tribe Cards Quiz contest:

  • Respond in the comments to THIS post.
  • Only the first correct response will be awarded the weeks Hit.
  • Only ONE guess per person, please
  • If you choose to ignore the above rule, only your FIRST answer will be taken under consideration
  • Feel free to chat in comments, but please keep it clean
  • That pretty much sums it up
Each week I will try and come up with a bonus question that is related to the Auto, Baseball, Pop Culture, or is noteworthy or (more likely) completely unrelated to anything.

The bonus will be good for minimal value - typically a Walk, this will also give a chance for two winners each week.

This weeks bonus question is....

Team Phungo attended roughly 18 games so far during 2009 (Majors, Minors, Phils and other Teams) Name a player that hit a home Run during any of those games.

3 Notes on the Bonus
1) Only one bonus Submission per person
2) Each Player can only be picked once - any duplicate entries will be ignored
3) There can be more than one winner if Person A picks Mario Mendoza and Person B picks John Kruk and team
Phungo got to witness both players hit homers this past season then both folks get bonuses!!!

This weeks bonus is good for a WALK

One last thing - I threatened this last year, but never followed through with it, Not all of the Autos will be baseball players. I may at some point in the contest toss in a curveball of an auto from outside of baseball, perhaps even outside of sports....

For a look back at last years Spot the Sig! or for more background on how the Contest went last year click here.

Good Luck to all !!!


--David said...

Man, I have no idea... That's not a guess, just a statement. A guess may come later... But if not, well, then you know why.

Anonymous said...

Is it Chris Carter? LOL and for the bonus I will say you saw Ryan Howard hit a HR.

Patsearcher said...

The closest thing I can find is Clay Rapada. Probably wrong, but I think the Phils game is more important right now. I'll go with Ibanez for the bonus.

Anonymous said...

Cliff Lee, and Chase Utley for the bonus

deal said...

We have a Winner!!

I am sure Tribe Cards and any Phillies Fan (Thats you Patsearcher) are kicking themselves right now.

But yes Cliff Lee is correct.

The Bonus will remain open till 6PM on Tuesday. I will get to feedback on the bonus answers after the game depending on when it ends.

night owl said...

Damn, I knew that one right away, too. That's so rare.

Figures. Lee's killing my team and I'm late on guessing his sig. I think I'll go to bed.

night owl said...

Bonus: Jayson Werth.

Nachos Grande said...

Melvin Mora for the bonus since it looks like I'm wayyyy to late for the actual contest!

zman40 said...

I take Jason Bay for a walk.

AdamE said...

Josh Beckett.

It is not in the rules but I should get some extra bonus for correctly picking an American League pitcher...

Anonymous said...

can you believe a girl is reading about sports. lol :) i can't help it i love it!

mandie reed

Patsearcher said...

I'm screwed when the first letter of the last name looks nothing like the correct letter. I could've sworn that was an R or a D

deal said...

Ok Bonus Q is closed. I think everybody who entered a hitter got a bonus. Standings up shortly.

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