Sunday, October 18, 2009

Team Phungo Puzzled - and less than 12 Hours till the debut of Fall 2009 Spot the Sig!

2009 10 17 - What was Team Phungo up to during a Phils off night and ALCS game 2?

9:15 PM

9:57 PM:

10:37 PM:

11:01 PM:

11:40 PM:

2009 10 18 12:10 AM Completion!!! wait a second

***click to enlarge***

I don't know which was worse Brian Fuentes choking on an 0-2 Pitch to the best hitter in the American League, or placing 549 pieces of a puzzle only to find that Brad Lidge's nose is missing.

I suppose I could go on to state how this must be somehow a metaphor for the Phils season.....

but that is far to literary of an analysis for this sort of column.


Moving on, Spot the Sig! for Fall 2009 will Debut during the 9PM hour (East Coast time) tonight Good Luck to all. The Phils are active tonight so, the post will be scheduled in advance, I will try and bop in and check the answers sometime during or after the game.



I love baseball jig saw puzzles ! I have many.I hate it when a piece is missing!

Heart Break Kid said...

I have a feeling that a Marlin came in there and took the nose of your closer.... Or what you guys like to call a

night owl said...

Lidge just doesn't have the nose for this closing business.

(I'll be busy tonight, too!)

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