Thursday, March 11, 2010

Who's Autograph would You Stand in Line For?

1956 Topps #261 Bobby Shantz

As I mentioned earlier this week the Philadelphia SportsCard and Memorabilia Show is this weekend. In years past I have justified part of my admission by getting a complimentary autograph. Usually a lower tier player like Todd Pratt. This Saturday there will be no Free Autograph and I am curious who among the many signers you would consider standing in line for and handing over your hard earned cash.

Would you go the Cheap route and pick up an auto of Bobby Shantz (above) for $15?

Or go all out and get Cal Ripken ($132)

1992 Topps #40 Cal Ripken

1964 Topps #265 Jim Bunning

A more controversial choice may be Jim Bunning ($45)

The remaining signers are priced as follows:

Mickey Morandini $15 (Friday)
Von Hayes $15
Dickie Thon $15
Bob Feller $25 (Friday)
Jim Palmer $29

This is great - The crack staff at hat put together the web page over at Hunt Auctions describes Jim Palmer as 4 time Gold Glove Winner.

Not Hall of Famer, or 3 Time Cy Young Winner or even Six Time All-Star. Or how about this one Four Time World Champion! Nope Just Four Time Gold Glove Winner. They would go nuts if Jim Kaat was there.

For my time and money Shantz would be the way to go. I would also consider Palmer and Feller at those numbers. To me Bunning at $45 is insane money.

Speaking of insane the football prices on Sunday are all out of kilter Leonard Weaver $30 and DeSean Jackson $70??

Who would you pick, anyone, noone?

If you are planning on hitting the show, let me know. I am shooting for late morning and early afternoon on Saturday.


Roy said...

Jim Palmer and Bob Feller. But first, I'd get that Matt Wieters Facts shirt with JP on it...and have him sign that.

Anonymous said...

Palmer or Feller if I needed them.

Shantz or Morandini if I had something special I wanted signed that I wouldn't trust in the mail. (Both are very good about signing autographs through the mail.)

Hayes or Thon if I were a Phillie fan.

Ripken and Bunning will have to do without my money unless they drop their rates significantly.

Jim said...

I won't be able to make it again. Time and money constraints are the culprits.

I'd go with Shantz, Morandini and (maybe) old 5-for-1. I'd stand in line for Jim Bunning's autograph, but not for $45. $45 buys a lot of cards.

Play at the Plate said...

Bob Feller. That's one to get and pass down to the kids.

Dan said...

Feller, then Palmer, then Von Hayes, then Morandini...Ripken would be cool too, but that's a lot of cash.

--David said...

Feller. Just to meet him and shake his hand.

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