Tuesday, September 14, 2010

MLB 2011 Schedule has been announced.

As rumored the season will start prior to the April 1 weekend. It appears the Cincinnati Reds have the years first game on Thursday March 31 at home versus the Brewers.

The Phillies Open at Home on Friday April 1st versus the Houston Astros (Phillies Central). The Phils face the AL West in inter-league play Hosting Texas in May and Oakland in June. They will also Host Boston - their AL rivalry team - The visit Seattle and Toronto. I did not see the Angels on the Phils schedule.

The Phils are only home for Labor Day among the 3 summer holidays, when they host the Atlanta Braves.

The season ends about 4 days earlier on September 28th. The Phils close on the road with division series at the Mets and at Atlanta.

Phils Story

You can find the 2011 schedule via the same schedules on MLB.com where the 2010 games are located. Just change the drop down to 2011.

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