Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bill Lyon Column on Dallas and Christina Taylor Green

Bill Lyon is a semi-retired columnist for the Philadelphia Inqurer.  He is a gifted writer and I have always enjoyed his articles.   

Today Mr Lyon had a special column dedicated to Dallas and Chrstina Taylor Green: 

A Grandfather's Unfathomable Loss

About a decade ago in a rather fuzzy post college era of my life I was really close friends with one of Lyon's sons.  I don't know if the son that Lyon refers to in the article is the one I knew - we pretty much lost touch after that crazy summer. 

Regardless, it goes without saying that noone should ever have to suffer through such a tragedy, whether it is a relative or friend, someone you haven't seen since in 10 years, or someone you never met who happened to once be a manager of your favorite baseball team.

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