Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2010 Pull N Junk Playoffs: Best Pull - 3rd Quarter

For the 3rd Quarter of 2010 we have a couple of Hall of Famers a future Hall of Famer and a bunch of non-baseball cards.
2010 Allen & Ginter #73 Avery Jenkins

I am a frisbee fanatic so Mr Jenkins makes it into the playoffs.

2010 Allen & Ginter World's Wordsmiths mini # WGWS8 John Milton

Milton was a bit of a literary hero for me and my mates when I was younger and gets a shot in the Pull of the Year playoffs.

 2010 Allen & Ginter World's Wordsmiths #WGS1 Homer

If you blogging about Baseball you got to love a Writer named Homer.

2010 Topps Peak Performance #PP-60 Mike Schmidt

Phils HOF insert Mojo!
2009 Goodwin Champions Mini #112 Robin Roberts

More Phils HOF Insert Mojo.  I always enjoy minis and was very happy to pull this one of HOF Robin Roberts from a Blaster

Other qualifiers from September

2009 Goodwin Champions Black Mini Yogi Berra

 2009 Goodwin Champions Relic Chipper Jones

There you have a very competitive field from the third quarter of 2010.  Please vote in the comments.

A) Avery Jenkins
B) John Milton
C) Homer
D) Mike Schmidt
E) Robin Roberts
F) Yogi Berra
G) Chipper Jones

And Looking back there is still time to vote in the 2nd Quarter and 1st Quarter Best Pull playoffs.


dayf said...

Chippah #1 and Yogi #1a.

Nathan said...

F) Yogi Berra

a thousand words

a thousand words
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