Thursday, April 12, 2012

2010 04 09 - Phillies Home Opener v Miami Marlins

This one didn't go as well as the O's opener on Friday.  Weather wasn't as good, no long wkend to look forward to afterward, and the Phils lost.  The Phillies Offensive sputtered once again on Monday as they only managed 2 runs which occurred late in the game as the Phils fell 6-2 to the rebranded Miami Marlins. 


Austin Kearns Home Run Trot (click to enlarge)

The Marlins pretty much owned the day so we open with one of their new players.  

Starting Lineups Anthem and the Big Flag.

Cole Hamels

Wasn't Cole's day, nor the Phils.  But it was still a good day.  Bad day at the ballpark is better than most any day in the office.  Go Phils!

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