Saturday, April 14, 2012

Phungo 5 with Paul's Random Baseball Stuff

The Phillies and Mets once again renew their rivalry this weekend.  The Mets are off to a quick start despite dealing with some tough circumstances.  Today we check in with Paul's Random Baseball Stuff to find out what is going on with the Metropolitans. 

1) Should the Mets retire Gary Carter's Number?  

No. The time to do it was in 2001 when they inducted him into the Mets Hall of Fame or in 2003 when he was elected to Cooperstown. For whatever reason, they chose not to. (To be fair, Carter only played for the Mets for five seasons, and he was only an elite-level star for two of them.) I think if the Mets want to do something now, they should consider a statue or naming some part of the ballpark in Carter's honor.
2) If I am at Citifield where is the best place to get cards signed? 

I've had a little bit of luck waiting by the railing just past first or third base and asking the pitchers when they come in from their throwing before the game, but it's tough to get cards signed at Citi Field. If you're really good at spotting players in their street clothes, you might be able to catch a few guys on the way into the ballpark before the game, but that makes for a really long day.

3) Who is going to benefit most by the lowered Left Field Wall

I think David Wright will benefit the most from Citi Field's new dimensions - the original ones seemed to get in his head.
4) Have you ever considered using a baseball Scorekeeping app on your phone?

Yes, I'm curious about how they'd work. Can anyone offer recommendations? I have to admit that I'm partial to pencil and paper, though.

5) Who has the best Minor League Ball Park Food?
The teams I see most often offer the typical ballpark fare.  Last year, the Newark Bears partnered with an Italian place to offer things like meatball sandwiches - they were good, but weren't necessarily put together in a way that made them easy to eat at the ballpark. 

5 for 5.  The Gary Carter question is a tough one,  PRS covers all the bases here.  He is a key player to one the 2 Mets championships, but his career in New York was quite short.  This seems pretty common among Mets players as they have only a few retired numbers.  I agree with PRS on the scorekeeping.  I think I would rather do it by hand, but I am interested to see how scorekeeping on a Phone would work. 

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