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Phun Cards 1994 Topps #180 George Brett - Work of Art?? and a PHUNGO CHALLENGE!!!

When I first got back into collecting, I (and many others) read Ben Henry's The Baseball Card Blog.  He introduced me to the concept of Baseball Cards as more than just Cards, but as "Tiny Works of Art".  

This 1994 Topps Card of Hall of Famer George Brett falls into the Work of Art category for me. 

1994 Topps #180 George Brett

The 1994 Topps Set is rarely discussed.  I am sure there are several reasons for this.  1994 is the year of the big baseball strike and the 2 time reigning World Champions were a foreign team, the Toronto Blue Jays.  

Looking at it today it is a solid design.  There is a subtle Home Plate frame to the photo which likely appears no more perfectly on any card then on this one.  It proportions at a perfect angles to the giant Kauffman Stadium scoreboard. 

I generally dislike pictures from behind the player, but the scorebard and the HoF starpower of George Brett make this on and interesting shot.  George Brett, The Scoreboard, and a complimentry design put this card in the Work of Art category for me.

Phungo Challenge
There is so much information it is almost too easy for a Phungo Challenge but I will put it out there for all you Baseball-Reference freaks - What game is the photo from?  My scan is a bit blurry - you may want to check the Baseball Card Database image.  

For The Collector
I am pretty sure this 1994 Topps Card can be found in a Dime Box.  Not bad for a work of art.  Brett's Topps Rookie Card is from the 1975 set.  The Low recent ebay auction for the card closed at $9.50 shipped - decent condition although a very dinged up corner.  There were about a half dozen auctions for the card that ended at $15 and under.  A BVG Gem Mint 9.5 card came in at a whopping $2530.25.  Dozens of Good and Up Slabs sold for between $100 and $200

The lowest price card auto I found for Brett was $26.55 for a sticker auto 2004 SP Prospects (#d/50).  That was the lone auto produced by a major manufacturer that was going for under $40.  It was a bit disappointing to see that none of the George Brett Auto Cards that I saw were particularly nice looking

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Dick Allen Hall of Fame said...

I am fairly certain this image is from the June 6th, 1993 Brewers at Royals game.

Bottom of the second. Brian McRae has just tripled in Craig Wilson and is on third. Jamie Navarro is on the mound, George Brett is grounding out to the second-baseman.

The Royals fall behind when they give up 6 runs in the sixth, but score in the seventh to tie it and win on a walk off double by Chris Gwynn.

Mark Aubrey said...

June 6th is correct, according to

deal said...

You guys are correct. Although Brett could be fouling off a pitch here. There are a couple of foul balls between the count going 2-2 and Brett Grounding out.

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